About Us

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Our Clinical Directors share their lifelong experience and education daily with each of their residents while overseeing all patient care. 

Specialized patient care at the highest levels has been the driving force behind our Clinical Directors  throughout their careers. By teaching and challenging their students to think beyond standard practices our residents are able to  implement customized treatment plans which ensures our residents have all the skills needed to properly care for their patients.

While studies show a direct correlation between oral health and overall health, combined with the latest technologies in dental implant treatments, our residents attain the knowledge, skills, and passion to provide the most advanced care for their patient’s total health.

Dental Implant Residency

The Oregon Dental Implant Residency is an elite team of Oregon’s top Dental Implant and Restorative Specialists and their commitment to educating the next generation of implant dentists by sharing their knowledge in surgical and restorative dental implant skills. 

Each of Clinical Director has earned the highest levels of restorative and implant dental credentials throughout their careers and now this wealth of experience, expertise and passion is being passed down to the next generation of implant dentists ensuring optimal patient care and outcomes for years to come…

Each Oregon Dental Implant Residency's Clinical Directors oversee their residents for a period of three (3) years while they attend Jacksonville University’s Comprehensive Oral Implantology Residency Program, a rigorous surgical and restorative dental implant residency program recognized as using the American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID) post-graduate core curriculum for dental implantology

Our Values

Our Mission

Educating the next generation of Dental Implant Specialists in the latest advancements of dental science, ethics, surgical and restorative skills to seamlessly treat full mouth restorations. In turn building a lifelong passion learning cutting edge surgical and restorative skills, critical thinking and judgment to treat the most complicated dental implant cases.

Your Future Surgical and Restorative Dental Implant Specialists!