Sedation Dentistry

Fear Of The Dentist Can Result In Patient’s Avoiding Much Needed Dental Treatments

At Oregon Dental Implant Residency we take our patient’s comfort and anxiety very seriously. Our offices offer conscious IV sedation to help reduce patient anxiety.

With current advances in modern dental treatments, techniques, and technology, anxious patients no longer need to avoid their regular dental visits and ignore their dental health. Conscious IV sedation allows dental appointments to be completed in the utmost comfort. With general sedation, a patient is completely unconscious, with conscious sedation patients are placed in a state of deep relaxation. Patients are still able to communicate with the dentist and our staff but will have little memory of their appointment. Many dentist offices offer “sleep dentistry” where patients take a pill in an effort to attain conscious sedation. We offer a safer, more reliable alternative of IV conscious sedation. This allows us to adjust the patient’s medication dose throughout the entire appointment. We also have a reversal agent on hand and can bring our patients back to a normal state of consciousness within minutes. Our patients are expertly monitored throughout their entire procedure. IV sedation requires specialized training and certification along with advanced cardiac life support certification which is why many dental offices do not offer conscious IV sedation to their patients. We are proud to offer conscious IV sedation to all our anxious patients. Deep sedation is also available with an anesthesiologist.

Oregon Implant Dental Residency’s Directors, Residents, and Staff are committed to creating beautiful, long-lasting, healthy smiles in a friendly, non-intimidating, relaxing atmosphere.

Sedation Dentistry Is Helpful For Our Adult Patients Who:

  • Have Dental Anxiety
  • Have Difficulty Getting Numb
  • Have A Strong Gag Reflex
  • Have A Fear Of Needles
  • Have Sensitive Teeth
  • Have TMJ Troubles
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