Surgical & Restorative Dental Implants

Patients No Longer Have To Face The Embarrassment Of Missing Or Broken Teeth

Dental implants can restore a patient’s smile while improving their bone health and their natural ability to chew.

Dental Implants replace a tooth’s roots using metal posts and replaces the missing tooth with an artificial one that looks and functions as the natural tooth. Just like natural teeth dental implants require good oral hygiene and regular dental visits after placement.

While many dental offices offer dental implants, most offices are not trained in the advanced surgical and restorative skills needed to treat their patients all in one office. Patients are sent to multiple offices for multiple procedures before returning to their dentist office to place the restorative crown. Periodontists and Oral Surgeons can place implants, but they usually do not fabricate the crown that attaches to the implant. The skills needed to place the implant in the optimum position requires an advanced level of implant surgical skills. Our residents have committed to three years of advanced study in surgical and restorative dental implantology learning alongside our Clinical Directors who hold the highest certifications in surgical and restorative implantology and they have spent years training, studying and perfecting their surgical skills.

Successful dental implants rely on planning and preparation. Utilizing a 3-D CT scan image allows for the thorough assessment of available healthy bone which is the foundation and support of dental implants. Poor bone quality lacking in volume does not allow for a functioning, aesthetic, healthy dental implant. By using various highly skilled bone grafting techniques, our residents can help patients grow a strong bone foundation for their dental implants. In addition to bone quality, the available gum tissue must also be adequate to keep the dental implant hidden, healthy and aesthetically pleasing. Our residents are learning the advanced technique of gum tissue grafting with the use of Allograft tissue and with the use of platelet rich plasma our patients avoid the long painful healing times of the past.

With Ridge Augmentation and Sinus Elevation, our patients are able to grow the healthy bone needed to support their dental implant. Oregon Dental Implant Residency takes care of patients’ complete dental and implant surgical needs all in one office. Our Dental Implant Specialists and Residents can prepare your gum and bone to accept the implant before they design the final restoration to ensure the ideal implant placement. The end result is a restoration that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. With our Clinical Directors being experts in the surgical and restorative dentistry our patients leave with the “million dollar smile” they have dreamed of.

Missing teeth restored with bridges or removable partials can place many times the force on the remaining supporting teeth. Many times these alternatives lead to failure of the supporting teeth.

Surgical placement and restoration of dental implants in a single day, while possible, reduces the predictability of the outcome. Dental implant treatment is a process when complete allows the implanted tooth to support normal eating function, prevent jaw atrophy, and stabilize bites all while giving the appearance and feel of a natural looking tooth. Our office offers conscious IV sedation to ensure our patients are comfortable throughout their dental implant procedures.

You may be surprised to know but there is a difference in quality in dental implant supplies. The quality of materials from the implant to the crown vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. At Oregon Dental Implant Residency we use only the highest quality materials available to ensure our patients receive the best: the best dental implant materials, the best patient care, and the best surgical skills. Whether you need one Dental Implant or a Full Mouth Restoration our Clinical Directors have the advanced modern specialty trained surgical skills and oversee all aspects of our residents’ patient care.

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