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Connective Tissue Grafting – Patients who have receding gums are at risk of future gum recession. Connective tissue grafting can correct existing recession, cover exposed roots and prevent further gum recession. Connective tissue grafting previously required transplanting tissue from the roof of your mouth, meaning patients were left with two surgical sites to heal. Our Directors and residents use Allograft tissue, which comes from a tissue bank and has been cleaned to an acellular level. Once placed, your own body’s cells will replace the donor graft with your own tissue to cover and protect the tooth’s roots.

Very few dentists are trained to perform this procedure. For over 15 years our Directors have not only been offering patients the Allograft procedure, but they have been teaching Oregon dentists how to place Allograft on their patients. Platelet Rich Plasma is also utilized during the procedure to accelerate healing while reducing swelling and minimizing postoperative discomfort.

Root Canals – When tissue inside a tooth dies, the tooth can become infected. If an infected tooth cannot heal itself a root canal procedure is required in order to preserve the tooth. A root canal removes the damaged tissue, or dead pulp from the tooth’s root  by cleaning out the diseased pulp and reshaping the canal. Since the tooth’s structure has been removed, the tooth is left predisposed to fracturing which is why a high quality porcelain crown is recommended following the root canal procedure.

Porcelain Veneers – Porcelain Veneers enhance your smile by closing the gaps in between teeth. Veneers allow us to resize and reshape teeth, leaving our patients with a sparkling even white smile. Our offices use porcelain veneers due to their strength, and durability plus porcelain veneers last longer than composite materials .

Porcelain All-Ceramic Crowns – Crowns restore essential function by covering worn, broken or decayed teeth.  Not all porcelain crowns are created equal. Our office only uses the strongest, most vibrant porcelain to create our patient’s crowns. Each crown is then carefully placed to seal and seat to the tooth preventing bacteria from reinfecting the tooth.

Sleep Apnea – Snoring is when a person stops breathing while sleeping due to airway obstruction in the throat. Many times patients are given a CPAP (Continuous Positive Air Pressure) machine and most find CPAP machines cumbersome, noisy and require regular cleaning and disinfecting. There are alternatives to CPAP machines and our residents can speak with you about your options after a careful assessment of your oral health..

Gum Contouring – Uneven gum lines detract from a healthy looking smile. A “gummy” smile makes the teeth appear squared, or short. A Gum revision is a simple surgery which results in almost no pain, or swelling during healing.

Teeth Whitening – Our Directors have found that In-office teeth whitening treatments rely on extremely harsh hydrogen peroxide solutions, are very costly to patients and do not yield any better result than in-home whitening treatments. Our office creates custom fit trays to maximize the efficacy of the at home dental bleach gel. Patients wear the trays for just 20 minutes a day for about a week before their bright white shining smile appears.

Dental Hygiene – When you take good care of your teeth, they can take care of you. We recommended bi-yearly dental hygiene visits to most of our patients. During  bi-yearly hygiene visits, our patients receive a thorough oral examination, including an oral cancer screening as well as addressing any potential oral health issues that could lead to dental health problems. We believe in a comprehensive approach to dentistry and also take your blood pressure and pulse at your hygiene appointment. Maintaining a patient’s oral health leads to a long-lasting healthy smile and is imperative to overall health.

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