Ridge Augmentation & Ridge Modification | Sinus Elevation & Augmentation

Surgical & Restorative Dental Implants Are Successful Only When Supported By An Abundance Of Healthy Bone

Ridge Augmentation is an advanced and reliable surgical treatment that promotes healthy bone growth. Patients with insufficient bone, or significant bone loss are able to restore enough healthy bone to support dental implants through ridge augmentation treatment. With proper healing time of 4-6 months, a patient’s body is able to grow adequate amounts of bone, providing the foundation for a successful dental implant surgery. Oregon Dental Implant Residency uses platelet rich protein to assist patients bone and tissue growth. Our residents are receiving extensive surgical training in many different types of bone grafting techniques, including Sinus Lifts.

The upper posterior jaw is one of the most difficult places for dental implant surgeries due to their proximity to the sinus. Sinus Lift Bone Grafting makes dental implants possible for patients who would not otherwise qualify for dental implants. For patients with sinus cavities encroaching upon the dental implant site, there often is a need to increase the quantity of healthy bone available before a successful long lasting dental implant can be placed.

Ridge Augmentation and Sinus Lifts require extensive oral surgical training and they are the foundation of a patient’s dental implant. Our residents are overseen by Clinical Directors who have spent decades teaching these skills to Oregon dentists through the Oregon Implant Continuum. Our Clinical Directors are leading experts in surgical and restorative dentistry and meticulously oversee our residents’ work.



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