Full Mouth Restoration

Full Mouth Restoration Rebuilds & Restores  Patient’s Teeth & Gums With Customized, Surgical Procedures

Full Mouth Restoration requires advanced and specialized skills not taught in dental school. To meticulously execute successful treatment plans, dentist’s not only have to deliver a natural aesthetic but also provide the comfort and functionality of natural teeth.

At Oregon Dental Implant Residency patients receive customized, meticulously executed full mouth restoration treatments under care that is supervised by our Clinical Directors, a select group of leading experts in the country that specialize in Full Mouth Restoration.

Unsuccessful Full Mouth Restoration can leave patients with jaw pain and less than ideal aesthetics. At Oregon Dental Implant Residency we use only the highest quality materials available that are unmatched in strength and longevity. With our advanced surgical skills we provide patients with a full restoration of the jaw and perfectly shaped sparkling white teeth. Our patients can be assured we use only the high quality porcelain veneers that are superior in durability, strength and are a natural white color because our patients deserve to have the smile they have long desired.

Full Mouth restoration can include root planing, root canals, tooth extractions, bone grafting, orthodontics, implants, and corrective jaw surgery. Our Clinical Directors oversee all our residents’ patient care ensuring all patients the highest quality of restorative and surgical care available.

Do you suffer from dental or facial pain, gum disease, periodontal disease, decayed teeth, missing or broken teeth, misaligned or gapped teeth, worn-down teeth, discolored teeth, prior dental trauma, root canal issues or restorations in need of replacing? Talk to us today about Full Mouth Restoration.

Oregon Dental Implant Residency’s Full Mouth Restoration Provides

  • Natural White Smiles
  • Decades Of Excellent Oral Function
  • Comfortable Eating And Speaking
  • The Confidence To SMILE Again
Your Future Surgical and Restorative Dental Implant Specialists!

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